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Najsportskiji grad na svitu
Public Audio Museum
Multi-year cultural program with sports content in order to preserve the culture of sports of the city of Split and its promotion in the local, regional and international area.
The content of the program is implemented in a mobile application that, with the help of geolocation (outdoor) and Beacon Ble terminal (indoor), activates it audibly to a wide range of users and sports fans through an individual walk through the city of Split. The content of this unique audio museum refers to the history of sports in Split and the sports achievements of Split athletes. It was sound-processed in Croatian and English with voices borrowed by Croatian actors and speakers, music and soundstage, and placed in a mobile application and activated in the public space of the city of Split. The free mobile application will be in 2022. contain at least 100 contents in Croatian and English or transmitted in audio duration of at least five hours on the history of sports in Split.
The intention of the program is to enrich it at the local level with the help of digitalization and new technologies, to promote sports with the possibility of regional and international travel in the form of a digital exhibition and its networking with creative industries and digital technologies. At the same time, the regular annual updating of content will slowly build Split’s cultural and sports heritage and thus promote its digitization in audio form and be available to all citizens of Split and their visitors by activating in public areas.
Project author: Jelena Remetin
Project holder: artistic organization YELO – for interdisciplinary artistic process
Executive producer: Jelena Remetin
Production and public relations: Andrea Remetin