Yelo production UČITAVANJE...
adapts cultural content to new technological tools
The Yelo art organization was founded by multimedia artist Jelena Remetin and theater and film producer Tatjana Aćimović in 2016. The third member of the organization is music producer and composer Damir Šimunović.
All three members are active in various fields of cultural activity. However, they all came together to emphasize interdisciplinary projects based on virtual reality, digitization of content and sound software, and technology as an increasingly present dramaturgical tool. Through research practice in collaboration with numerous artists and research associates and the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing (FER) in Zagreb, Yelo creates a platform for creative reflection and unites artistic categories combining the power of theatrical expression, narration, sound field, movement and virtual reality. and multimedia. Part of her team are also experts for people with special needs.
The organization independently implements its projects and programs, from preparation through the production and realization process, including promotional and dissemination activities because it already has experience in creating similar programs and projects, both the art organization and its associates. The realization of individual projects was achieved through the engagement of volunteers in terms of administrative / organizational support and promotional support.
Jelena Remetin
Head of the art organization
She is also a multimedia artist and producer working in the field of extended painting, photography, film and new technologies, while her latest specialty is the application of VR technology to cultural content, which she completed in Paris under the mentorship of Michael Reihlac, director of Arte TV. All her recent works use the mobile application as a means of adapting cultural content in digitized form. Born in Split, she formed multimedia at EFET school in Paris where she graduated in photography and film directing, and then improved her studies in audiovisual and post-production at the Center européen de formation à la production de films at CEFPF, the European Center for Audiovisual Production. Her video, based on D. Lynch’s song ‘I Know’, was shortlisted for the David Lynch Official Competition and won the Disturb Awards in Paris. She was also a finalist for the Estée Lauder Pink Ribbon Photo Award. She has twice represented Croatia in the UNESCO Art for Peace workshop, her triptych for Syrian refugees “Hope, Loss, Anxiety”, created as part of the residency, has become part of the UNESCO art collection in Malta. He is again representing Croatia at the UNESCO Art for Peace workshop, this time in Andorra. Her works on women and the arts and their equality are on display at the United Nations in New York with the Andorran National Commission for UNESCO. At the same time, her videos are part of the collection of the Interuniversity Digital Research and Documentation Center for Audiovisual Culture at the Complutense University in Madrid. Jelena Remetin is a very good organizer; she has worked on the production and distribution of several artistic and cultural projects, and has had work experience in organizing events and manifestations and film production.
Damir Šimunović
Music producer and composer
After completing his studies in biochemistry, he began working in theater music in 1998 at the City Theater Zorin dom in Karlovac. Moving to Zagreb, he continues to compose and produce music and collaborates with many theaters (Croatian National Theater Split, Croatian National Theater Osijek, Croatian National Theater Zagreb, Croatian National Theater Varaždin, Dubrovnik Summer Festival, Split Summer, theaters, Gavella, Zagreb youth theater, Split youth theater, theater Exit, theater Comedy, Citytheater Trešnja, theater Žar Ptica…) and contemporary dance companies (Zagreb Dance Ensemble, de facto).
In addition to theater and dance performances, he works on music and sound design for films, radio dramas and art installations.
For his work he received two Marulić awards at the Croatian Drama Festival in Split for the plays VIS Animals and The Body of the City Theater Trešnja.

The Taming of the Shrew at Croatian National Theater Split, Nora at Croatian National Theater Zagreb, Orchestra rehearsal at Zagreb youth theater, Mrs. Bovary atGavella Theater, Šeherezada at City Theater Trešnja, Gloria at Theater &ITD, Fathers and Sons at EXIT Theater are just some of the plays he worked on as a music producer and composer.
His works specialize in working with children too. He has been a long-term collaborator of theaters for children such as Žar ptica Theater, DK Dubrava, Trešnja Theater, Zorin dom Theater, GKL Split, as well as “NOVI ŽIVOT”, the oldest theater for blind and partially sighted people in the world. He collaborated on the play Gulliver’s Journey, produced by the Dlan Association, which specializes in theater, visual arts and the culture of deaf people. He worked on two projects with the cultural association Arterarium, which is actively involved in addressing burning social issues (the right to asylum, the rights of Roma and victims of violence). The drama ‘Look at me’ was awarded the prestigious Croatian Theater Award in 2017 for its outstanding contribution to theatrical art. His international collaborations include collaboration with the famous Isabelle Schad as a choreographer (Berlin) on a dozen performances and with the Kainkollektiv (Dusseldorf).

He is a member of the Yelo art organization and works on all of its projects.
theater and film producer and founder of the Festival of Children’s Rights, member of the founding assembly of the Center for Audio Descriptions and Encouraging Access to Cultural Content for Persons with Disabilities.
She graduated in Performing Arts in Paris at the Nouvelle Sorbonne and is pursuing a PhD in Media and Communication from the EEC, Saas Fee in Switzerland. She has worked on numerous theater productions as an assistant director and playwright, then production director and producer, on films as a production coordinator, assistant film director, then as a film director and producer.
Today she lives in Zagreb, where she works as an independent producer and manager in the field of media and communications, and teaches at the Academy of Dramatic Arts.
She graduated in Romance and Hispanic studies at the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Zagreb and completed a professional postgraduate study in European Studies, organized by the Pantheon Assas University in Paris and the University of Zagreb. She received additional education in the field of culture and art at the Carlos III Faculty in Madrid.
In her professional career, she has been involved in operational marketing and public relations in international corporations. She has worked in film distribution and has led public relations and organized ceremonial premieres for numerous Croatian and regional independent films and for film titles from Disney and Pixar productions. In recent years, she has been actively involved in the production of dramatic and dance arts as well as the production of interdisciplinary cultural projects.
He is an assistant professor at the Department of Telecommunications, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing (FER), University of Zagreb and a doctor of science on “Video coding adaptation strategies aimed at improving experiential quality for cloud-based games due to network constraints” to propose experiential quality management services.
During his work at FER, he participated in several research and scientific projects. Since 2013. until 2015 participates in the multidisciplinary project “ICT Competence Network for Innovative Services for People with Complex Communication Needs” co-financed by the EU through the Science and Innovation Investment Fund as a designer and developer of ICT services on mobile devices intended for use in assisted communication.
He has been participating in the founding research project “Cooperative Management of Experiential Quality in Mobile Networks for Interactive Multimedia Applications in the Cloud Cloud (Q-MANIC)” co-financed by the Croatian Science Foundation since 2015. until 2018
At the same time, since 2015. until 2016 works as a researcher on the structural project “Information and communication technology for generic and energy efficient communication solutions with application in e- / m-health (ICTGEN)”. Also, in 2016. participates in the “Reconciliation of parenting and business life through multidisciplinary social services (MULTI-FUND)” co-financed by the European Social Fund as a developer of ICT services on mobile devices. From 2018 participates in the role of researcher in the project “Energy infrastructure management through collaboration in augmented reality – ARIEN” co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund. During the implementation of the ICT-AAC project, he participated in the design and development of more than a dozen services for people with complex communication needs. In addition, he participated in the dissemination of results through dissemination events such as the open doors of the ICT-AAC project and held numerous workshops for young people on the use of applications for assisted communication (eg workshop at the Pula School of Education, workshop in Split at the Marko Marulića City Library, workshop in Zadar in the premises of the Zadar Scientific Library, etc.).
Greta Vuković
Graphic designer
she is a designer and photographer.
She graduated from the Academy of Arts in Split, majoring in Visual Communication. He is actively involved in graphic design and fashion photography. She has exhibited independently at the Photo Club Split (Personal, 2019) and the Vasko Lipovac Gallery (Women Dandy Fashion Editorial, 2021) and several times at group exhibitions. She has been part of the Yelo team since 2019. She is currently studying Art Direction and Copywriting at the IED Institute in Milan.