Yelo production UČITAVANJE...
An art project based on modern technology
Photography, video, sound design and screenwriting, all these artistic categories are networked in the interactive exhibition “In every space there are people” as an interdisciplinary process, emphasizing sound software and technology as an increasingly present dramaturgical tool.
The exhibition invites the audience through a sound, visual and interactive journey with the help of a telephone application, projecting a poetic and delicate story against banal everyday life.
The intention is to guide the audience through the imaginary apartments of a fictional building thanks to the editing of sound in 3D, where the sound ambience is mixed with the voice-over of imaginary tenants, who tell the audience their intimate story or fictional voices put the audience at the scene. help apps on smartphones and tablets. The goal is for the whole sound palette to revive imaginary space, and ‘invisible people’, thanks to their ‘sound intimacy’, get outlines in this ‘our’ dimension.
The rooms are characterized with the help of photographs / drawings and videos placed on the partition walls, thus marking the limit of the rooms, as well as the decoration that is identified with the tenants. Four floors, four stories, four profiles of today in one European metropolis. Each apartment is another witness to the memory of the past and present and the place where it exists. These stories are just the beginning of the sound construction of a European skyscraper, where several floors will represent one of its metropolises, ie the sound Babel Tower of the present in Europe.
Project author: Jelena Remetin
Sound design: Damir Šimunović
Light: Saša Fistrić
Expert advisor for scenography: Zdravka Ivandija Kirigin
IT Expert Advisor: Stjepko Varga
Software development: Ditdot
Votes: Dado Čosić, Andrej Kopčok, Natasa Kopeč, Edvin Liverić, Milica Manojlović, Tvrtko Jurić, Natasa Dangubić, Frano Mašković, Filip Ridjički, Kim Končar, Mada Peršić, Jure Radnić, Denis Bošak
Music: Esther & Esther, Sasa Rajković aka Zarkoff, Damir Klemenić, Damir Simunović
Production: in collaboration with the art organization De facto
Design, graphic preparation and printing: S -TISAK d.o.o.

The project is set in LAUBAS-house for people and art as part of the Rendez-Vous French festival in Croatia.