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ode to the body
Interdisciplinary storytelling
FRAGMENTS were created as a natural sequence of the realization of the eponymous art installation by the author Jelena Remetin, who treats violence against her own body as the basic theme. The art project is the author’s second in a series of cycles on violence.
It is an interdisciplinary process that networks stage movement, scenography, sound design, dramaturgical word and the virtual world, emphasizing the movement itself, both in real space and in virtual reality, confirming it as an increasingly present dramaturgical tool.
The entire cycle began with the author’s work on sexual violence called FOR vs. AGAINST which was premiered to the Zagreb audience at the Zagreb Dance Center in Zagreb in January 2018, combining the power of theatrical expression, primarily movement and narration, and virtual reality, thus outlining in a completely different way the expression of interactive storytelling that simulates the virtual world 360 ° field of view.
The cycle continued with the interdisciplinary artwork FRAGMENTS assembling the ode (body) as one of the ‘among’ the playing field of complete freedom that lies within us. Both in the original project and in this one, the content and mise en scène thematize violence, showing the ambiguity that exists in interpersonal relationships, false impressions and condemnations of each other, while in this project the focus of violence goes to the center of the human body. uncontrolled influence of the outside world. Throughout the cycle, the audience is placed first and each of its ‘users’ (in the part of the project related to digital application within the art installation) becomes the main actor in interdisciplinary artwork.
The FRAGMENTS-ode to the body project invites audiences to critically reflect on their body and take responsibility for their physical ‘I’, offering an alternative through audio and visual information, situations and opportunities, where the perpetrator and victim intertwine as major actors in a mechanism called the body.
The research and production of the art installation was realized with the help of grants from the Ministry of Culture and Media of the Republic of Croatia and the City of Zagreb. 7 short videos and a virtual reality film were realized, which were presented in the form of a mobile application, while a virtual exhibition of works will be presented to the public in 2022 in public areas of the city of Zagreb.
Project author: Jelena Remetin
Music and sound design: Boris Bojić Dancers: Branko Banković, Filipa Bavčević, Dina Ekštajn, Ida Jolić, Anika Cetina, Roberta Milevoj, Jure Radnić
Video: Tvrtko Barišić Vidokk and Jelena Remetin
VR content: Ivan Mrđen – Spotlight
Technical support: Samsung
Producer: Andrea Remetin
Design and graphic preparation: Ana Bašić
The project was realized in cooperation with the Zagreb Dance Center and with the financial support of the Ministry of Culture and Media of the Republic of Croatia and the City of Zagreb.